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Authorization (top)
The completion of the registration process. At this point your Single Use or Server product and/or extensions have been installed and registered with ESRI, and an authorization file has been sent to you that was generated through the appropriate registration wizard.
Authorization File (top)
An authorization file contains your Single Use or Server product authorization data. Each file contains information regarding the Feature Name, Version Number, Time-out Date, Registration Number, and Authorization Code. The Authorization File must be accessible by your ESRI software in order to enable the software for use.
Concurrent Use License (top)
A concurrent use license permits execution of the software on any computer on the network. A concurrent use license allows a product to be licensed such that multiple users can gain access to the software concurrently through a shared pool of licenses administered by a central license manager. The number of concurrent licenses determines the number of users who can run the applications concurrently. However, each user only accesses a license when it is needed since a concurrent use license is not locked to a single computer and as such, can "float" on a network.
Developer Product (top)
A product licensed for development use, only. Each Developer product requires a unique registration number used to generate the authorization file. The Software Authorization Wizard is then used to enter the authorization file and unlock the software for use.
Floating License (top)
A license that can "float" on a network and is not locked to a single computer.
Hardware Key (top)
The Sentinel SuperPro hardware key is a parallel or USB port hardware dongle that provides the unique number used in the generation of your license file. The key is plugged into either the parallel or USB port on the License Manager Server. In some cases, the hardware key is shipped inside your ArcGIS product packaging. UNIX users do not need a hardware key.
Keycode (top)
A keycode is a unique number in the feature line of your license or authorization file that controls access to your software. The keycode only allows access to the parts of the software that have been licensed. Concurrent, floating and node-locked licenses are keycode protected.
License (top)
The right to use a software product or component as defined in the license or authorization file.
License File (top)
A license file contains your License Manager license data. Each license file contains information such as the SERVER, ESRI_SENTINEL_KEY number (Windows only), Version, the number of Seats, and so on.
License Manager (top)
The non-destructive license management software program or hardware key, or similar copy-protection mechanism, which control the distribution of the licensed number of software copies to requesting end user(s)of licensee.
Maintenance (top)
A collection of benefits accompanying the license of a qualifying software product which includes technical assistance and software updates. Maintenance may also include complimentary ESRI User Conference registration(s), and discount promotions.
Maintenance Renewal Date (top)
The date your maintenance contract for a particular product expires. Multiple copies of the same product may expire on different dates. Alternatively, all copies of a software product may have their maintenance terms synchronized to the same date.
Node-Locked License (top)
A dedicated license that allows the quantity of authorized network users to use the software concurrently on one (1) computer.
Registration Number (top)
A three letter, 9 digit number (ABC123456789) that is used by ESRI to create an authorization file to enable your software. Every Single Use and Server product, including their extensions or options, has a unique registration number.
Seat (top)
The number used to specify the amount of concurrent instances of the software that can be used at one time. Most often, seats represent users at individual computers. However, seats may also represent the concurrent number of servers or connections in use.
Server License (top)
A license for (server-side) software that either resides on a server computer and provides services to multiple users and/or client computers in a distributed computing environment, or resides on an individual desktop computer and provides services to that computer in conjunction with ArcGIS Desktop, or other Server software.
Single Use License (top)
A license that restricts use of a software product to one machine. A license must be dedicated for each computer or network access point that has use rights for the software, data or documentation.
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